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Pick-5 Lotto Wheeling System

Here we show a part of what you can do with each system at this site.

We have chosen System #26 from the Pick-5 book for the illustration. The system has parameters:

pick-5, 9 numbers, 3 if 3 guarantee, 12 combinations

Once you choose how many numbers your lottery has, you will see the system with 9 numbers pre-selected. You can continue with these numbers or unselect them and choose your own. To test a system guarantee, and its table of wins, please:

1. Select how many numbers your lottery has.
2. Use the pre-selected numbers and proceed with the next step, or enter your own numbers and then proceed to 3. (Note that the pre-selected numbers will only show if your lottery has 24 numbers or more. If your lottery has less than 24 numbers, you will have to select your own numbers)
3. Click the Generate! button.
4. Choose up to 5 numbers for testing by clicking on numbers at the line Your numbers.
You will see all of the corresponding wins highlighted in Your Set of Tickets, and you will also see a line in the Table of Wins highlighted, which corresponds to the wins.
5. You can also observe the effect of arranging Your numbers in different order below the System numbers by dragging and dropping a chosen number at the line Your numbers. You can drag a number in both directions; the dragged number always takes the position before the number at the point of dropping. If the dragging is to the right, the numbers before the drop point are shifted to the left to fill the position of the dragged number. If the dragging is to the left, the numbers after the drop point are shifted to the right. After a drag and drop operation, the highlighted line with wins in the Table of Wins might change (but it will remain in the same section). Using this feature makes more sense when the system is not highly balanced.
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